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What Studio Kit do I Need
How Much is it Going to Cost?

Not much to start with. Too much studio equipment is overwhelming you need to learn the basics of how the DAW works first and the good news is that there are some really good FREE DAWs out there!

What is a digital audio workstation picture Garage Band dashboard

What is a digital audio workstation?

The ‘DAW’ is the heart of any home studio set-up
but exactly what is a ‘DAW’ or what is a Digital Audio Workstation?

picture of the Fousrite2i2

What is an Audio Interface?

There are many types of audio interface’s depending on your studio set-up
and what you’re looking to achieve from your recordings.

What is an Input Device picture of a midi controller

What is an Input Device?

What is a Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) input device?

Picture of a Roland FA-08

What is a Sequencer
Keyboard Workstation

Find out about standalone sequencers and sequencers integrated
into a synthesizer the Workstation.

Picture of a SoftsynthWhat is a Softsynth
or Software Instrument?

A software instrument or ‘softsynth’ is a computer
plug-in that generates digital audio.